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What is seo ?


What is seo

Search Engine Optimization or SEO means SEO and site optimization for search engines.

Today is one of the most important factors in designing sites And is used to increase visitors to the site through search engines.

Considering that one of the most popular search engines such as Google , Yahoo and Bing is the most welcome Google search engine.
So to optimize your site you can pass the factors requested by it and optimize your site accordingly.

Google has taken many factors in ranking the sites. Google’s policy in its latest RankBrain algorithm is to track the behavior of users when they search and their expectations of sites.

This means that you have to pay attention to things like ux, ui in addition to observing site optimization tips so you can attract users to your site and improve your site ranking.

Important points to improve SEO and site optimization:

Before explaining the important issues in improving SEO, we first need to know that SEO and site optimization are a very lengthy and time-consuming process requiring expertise. Maybe some people say that your site will be ranked well on Google or Alexa shortly.

But be sure if it’s non-standard ( black hat SEO: misuse of SEO algorithms )
Your rating will be even worse sooner than before. In order to continuously improve SEO, you need to wait patiently for the expert on the subject ( white hat: using the proper techniques of SEO ) .

Effective factors in SEO

In the following, we have introduced the most important things to improve SEO and site optimization in principle.

  1. Adhere to the principles of SEO and optimal coding when designing the site.

Standardization of codes – Creating a suitable platform for the website – Creating an extensible platform for the site.

  1. Optimizing site content and taking into account the role of ux, ui (in-page)

Creating unique and valuable content – Contains targeted keywords – Precise and accurate content categorization.

  1. Increasing the reputation and popularity of your site relative to old sites (out of page)

Activity on social networks – Getting back links from related sites – Introducing your brand in a specialized forum.

SEO and site optimization is commonplace for professionals as well, and it’s very difficult. That’s why the websites of this analysis will be done quickly for you and ultimately give you the exact results.

Website loading speed is one of the most important parameters for having a good SEO. One of the best SEO and optimization websites on the GTmetrix site, we’ll walk through the main sections.


By entering your site’s URL, you will receive a complete report like the one above that contains several components.

PageSpeed ​​Score:

A percentage point given to your website according to a series of parameters
Obviously, the better this number is to 100%.

YSlow Score:

The percentage is given to your website according to a series of parameters defined in the YSLOW section.
Obviously, the better this number is to 100%.

Fully Loaded Time:

When it takes the website to be fully loaded
Obviously, the smaller the number is, the better.

Total Page Size:

This option displays the volume of the page under review
The less volume you have, the faster you load.


The number of page page requests to the server is displayed, the lower the number
Less processing and higher loading speeds.

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