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What is UX and UI?


What is UX and UI?

In general, UX stands for User Experience and UI stands for User Interface.

Which can be translated as user experience and user interface,

Some designers combine these two, and others discriminate between them. In the design of the website, there are important factors for success that experienced designers point out to them. In addition to the knowledge of HTML , CSS , JS, PHP and the beauty of the website … It should also be easy for site users and easy to use. In fact, in a good design, in addition to coding and security and optimization issues, other things like UX and UI are also very important. If these two items are followed, the website is happy to bring the users to use.

UX concept:

In fact, UX is more about designing a scenario for better and better user familiarity with the services provided or products. This is an important point in designing a website that can best understand users with the services they are looking for. Its experienced designers have been left to the users to find out their problems both in terms of access to the text and so on in the face of the website and can provide the best scenario for the website.

UI concept:

But the UI is supposed to execute the same UX scenario, but how?

In the UI context, website designers try to tailor the page layout according to the same scenario, but in principle. For example, in Internet stores, products and stuff are generally top of the page and larger than others, as users have better and simpler access to them. Integration in the design and layout of pages is the best way to avoid confusion among users.

But many in the design of the website combine these two topics because, as you have seen, the border is very narrow and non-transparent between them. That’s why the two of these items are usually deposited in a web site design to get a better result.

update in: 2019/03/27

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