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WordPress CMS

Certainly, you’ve heard a lot of wordpress in site design

wordpress is a content management system for sites and blogs.

Site Content Management System or cms Allow non-technical users to modify their website with little training.

These systems usually require a manager or a web developer (for setting up and adding features), but firstly, they are a tool for individuals to use and manage their own website. WordPress One of the three most famous cms in the world, which is more popular among Joomla and Drupal users.

  • Easy to use:

One of the reasons that WordPress is popular among Iranian users is its ease of use. When you ask for your website to be based on WordPress, then you will not be confused about updating your content and you can easily Simply use simple educational environment.

  • Customization:

WordPress is the most flexible content management system currently available, you can easily change any part of your site according to your taste and usage, wordpress is written in php and is free, so it allows all users. To improve this system, you can easily implement your own layout using plenty of WordPress extensions .

Advantages of WordPress CMS

  1. There are countless add-ons to add new ones
  2. There are thousands of free and commercial templates
  3. Good SEO Features
  4. Possibility to create multiple sites on a single core
  5. Extensive development capability to add new features
  6. Great community of site designers and WordPress developers
  7. Regular updates to add new features and fix functional and security issues
  8. Existence of good documentation in Farsi and English for the user area and programming section
  9. Ability to design a store website with the installation of plugins and containers
  10. Easy to manage and use
  11. Maintain old versions of content to prevent possible errors
  12. Various accesses for site authors
  13. Reactive management environment for use on mobile
  14. There are several plugins for bilingual and multilingual website design
  15. Extensions for creating social networks and forums

This has led to the designers of WordPress, many of the famous sites are also based on WordPress.
Sites such as TechCrunch, BBC America, The Official Star Wars Blog , Sony Music, Xerox , Ford Social, The New York Times Company, The Mozilla Blog … All use WordPress CMS.

Finally, if as a site designer, you do not have to remember the WordPress content management system, and if you want to change your site and update it yourself, be sure to use WordPress.

update in: 2019/03/23

author: rezzabek